Kee / 1930s - 1970s

The following photos are some examples found through various sources regarding the design and craftsmanship skills of brothers Allen, George, and Ivan Kee; who along with their famous cousin Kenneth Begay, produced quite an array of wonderful jewelry, flatware, hollow-ware, and other unique sterling silver pieces during and after their association with the White Hogan of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Kee brothers, 3 of 16 children born to Alk'dahhaazbaa' and Joseph Kee; with Allen 2nd oldest, Ivan 2nd youngest, and George in the middle. Their mother and Kenneth Begay's mother were sisters, so all very close. All grew up in the Steamboat, Arizona area; with winter and summer living areas, so that is why you get Steamboat canyon or springs mentioned in media articles.

Thank you to the many photo sources, be it family, gallery owners, dealers, art collectors, private parties, etc. During the course of my research, I find myself coming across many wonderful old jewelry photos of their work and it is my hope that you will enjoy viewing these photos as I certainly have. Please contact the information source directly if interested in any further inquiries or purchase.

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